I See Something You Do Not See

21.01.2023 - 09:45 to 31.01.2023 - 11:45
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It could be the beginning of a game, a riddle. To pass on a hint of what you see to be completed, guessed by another person, adding a new way of seeing things. It could be the world, an art academy, a hair salon, the shape of clouds, findings along the road, drawings within a fridge. It could be a stack of uncertainties, folded, complicated, hidden in a fortune teller paper surprise: we saw the future and it works!

Contributions by Agnes Åberg, Morten Almaas, Maria Ammentorp, Maria Andersen, Hanne Giertsen, Birk Hansen, Ullrik Heimvik, Cornelia Hellgren, Oda Hölaas Borén, Henrik Håland, Nora (Noah) Iversen Bentzen, Håkon Karlsen, Klara Lager Sandberg, Magnus Lumperdean, Alma Lykke, Vera Montelius, Mira Næss, Ulla Ottosen, Tine Suaning Leone, Jørgen Sellevold, Vilde Stokke.

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