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GAS, MFA graduation show (2018) Installation picture. More images from GAS at
photo credit: Nanna Klith Haugaard

This is a collection of frequently asked questions about the international Masters program at KIT.


Why should I pursue a MFA program?
The MFA degree will offer you the qualifications for a wide range of higher-level positions within institutions of the art world. It is essential for pursuing a career in academia or teaching at the university level. A MFA degree makes its recipient eligible for post-graduate or PHD programs, and it is certainly helpful when applying to residency programs for artists or for internships at art institutions.


Do I need to fill in an application form at the NTNU website?
Yes, you need to apply via S├Şknadsportal. Please refer to admission guide on


Do I have to travel to Norway for the interview?
Interviews are conducted via Teams or Zoom. You will receive a link in the invitation. If this for some reason is not possible let us know and we will find an alternative solution.

When will I be informed whether I am invited to an interview or not?
Please check your email and wait for an appointment. If we cannot reach you by email, we will contact you via phone or mobile phone.

When will I hear about the schedule for the interviews?
As soon as we got a response to our invitation for an interview, we will suggest a date and hour for the conversation. Please respond to this proposal as soon as possible and suggest an alternative time frame if you cannot make it at the proposed hour.

Who is going to take part in the interview?
The interview will be conducted by the committee, which will select the applicants who are invited to join the MFA program in the coming fall. It is composed of professors of the art academy who are responsible for the courses and the development of the master program. There is also a students representative joining the committee.


Will I get my own studio?
MFA students at KIT enjoy generous individual studio spaces that may be used to develop their work and store materials. Most of the studios at KIT feature panoramic view of the port area of Trondheim. All students have access to a wide range of professionally equipped workshops and facilities at the art academy.

Is the program taught entirely in English?
Yes. All the teaching and writing is in English.


I am a resident outside of the EU. Do I need a visa to enter Norway?
In order to start your studies at KIT/NTNU, students from non-EU countries need to apply for a student visa at their local Norwegian embassy or consulate. Please keep in mind that this process might take some time. We recommend you to start the visa application process as soon as you receive your letter of acceptance.

What are the requirements for a student visa to Norway?
In order to get an international student visa, the Norwegian government will require you to have NOK 111 657 (for 2017) in a Norwegian bank account in your name to cover a school year. You can read more about this requirement on the government's "Study in Norway" webpage:

Students in the "individual funding category" who are admitted to an international master's program will be requested to transfer the required amount of money to NTNU's deposit account before their arrival in Norway. This money in the deposit account is strictly for the student, and is for covering life expenses. The money will be transferred to the student's Norwegian bank account once the student has opened one. Information about the practical arrangements for transferring the money to the Norwegian bank account will be provided along with the admissions letter.


Does NTNU charge tuition fees?
NTNU does not charge tuition fees, even for international students. This is true of all public (state) Norwegian universities. Students are required to pay a semester fee

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