“Thinking Beyond the Studio: Into the Space of Exhibition”

The Department of (Painting) is not limited to the practice of painting alone. Students are encouraged to allow the form their work takes to be determined by their thinking. The work may take the form of a painting, a sculpture, a film, a drawing, a photograph, a text, a performance, an installation, etc.

Today more and more artists are using interdisciplinary approaches to their practice, making it increasingly difficult to categorize their art as simply painting, sculpture, photography, or film/video/sound work. This way of thinking and working brings into focus the “image”. Which in turn enables a reformulation of traditional pictorial techniques, genres, and materials, and affects the way we look at historical images.

Students are also encouraged to think about their work beyond the studio. The practice of exhibition making is explored in workshops which take place in Gallery KiT. Students are asked to explore what might be the “work” of an exhibition. An exhibition as an itinerary, but an itinerary as Gilles Deleuze says in his “Abecedaire” which tends towards encounter. An encounter with the other.

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