Traces from the research trip to Serbia and Bosnia

October 22, 2014 - 19:17 -- sarhedw

What made traces in my memories from the Serbia Trip, was the “Monument to the Revolution” which is a sculpture made from 1969 to 1972 by Dusan Dzamonja. It is placed at Mrakovica, that is one of the highest peaks of Kozara Mountian. The sculpture is a memorial to the fierce battle and 2,500 Yugoslav partisan fighters and 68,500 mostly Serb civilians killed during the world war 2, in the concentrations camps from june to july 1942 by the german nazies, Ustase, Hungerian and Kozara offensives.

Dusan describes this monument as the game of light and darkness. Where Negatives symbolize death, positives represents victory and life and enemy forces that are trying to destroy life are unsuccessful. For me this sculptures just dragged you to go closer and closer, where you could see inside and outside, where light changed by time. It was like a sun shinning to us, which made it peaceful. Its size and made you feel small so it was like it was collapsing at the same time.

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