The Mysteries of the Supermarket, BK3380

06.03.2019 - 12:30 to 16:00
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Cristian Jankowski, The Hunt, one-channel video (color, sound)
1:11 minutes, 1992/1997

The Mysteries of the Supermarket, BK3380
-Spring class 2019 for MFA students in art and architecture at NTNU

Teachers: Felix Gmelin and Prerna Bishnoi
Location Location: KunstArken KiT, Inherredsveien 7, Industribygget, 7014 Trondheim.
Possible dates:
06.03 12.30 Industribygget, KiT, meeting room in the canteen area.
-dates and time will be discussed at the first meeting. Bring your calendars!

19.03 09.00 - 12.00 Kunstarken
21.03 09.00 - 12.00 Kunstarken
22.03 09.00 - 12.00 Kunstarken
26.03 09.00 - 12.00 Kunstarken
27.03 09.00 - 12.00 Kunstarken

· Who peals the mushrooms at REMA 1000 supermarket, and why?
· What increases the shelf life of tomatoes and bananas at Bunnpris dagligvarebutikker?
· Why does the 23gm (5 x 7 cm) bun cost 12 kr and the 20gm (5 x 5 cm) one 2 kr at Kiwi Supermarket?
· Or why is a special offer pizza more expensive than the regular one at COOP EXTRA?
· How much does it cost to get an agro-ecological/“organic product” mark for COOP?
· When does the “broccoli-phenomena” of costing 12 kr today and 8 kr tomorrow happen?
· Have you logged in to “coop-kunndnett” yet?
· What makes products sell at Supermarkets?

As a short intensive workshop located in, with and around the in-house KiT COOP-X Supermarket, this course presents referential material from artworks, film works and narratives around malls, shopping complexes and supermarkets and introduces you to theoretical concepts like “spatial products” by Keller Easterling, that help both architects and artists begin to think beyond the seemingly innocent world of our shopping centres.

This is a class that takes you out of your regular practise. We propose a class and workshop based on research, quick experiments and mutual discussions which are about how to understand and what to do about our immediate surroundings in order to eventually change them and to question the structure of them.

Artistic process based on research: this is a workshop which hopefully leads to action. Not necessarily to do something, but to envision something and investigate. We consider also unfinished visions as work. We believe it is not important the work actually happens. Rather this class is about creating ideas and proposals for challenging what shopping malls and Supermarkets are for us today and could be for the future.

In this class you learn how to place your work in context and make it relevant for you and society.

No preparatory knowledge is needed, but we do expect interest, curiosity and positive energy to participate.

We look forward to see you in this workshop!
Prerna Bishnoi and Felix Gmelin

The intro of this class Prerna Bishnoi will do alone, delivering her knowledge about commercial public spaces.
The process of this workshop March 19—27, we hope to do together.

A reference list will be presented when we meet.
Already now we would like to mention two works you might want to examine in advance if you wish.
Harun Farocki, "The Creators of Shopping Worlds" and "The Hunt" by Christian Jankowski

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