MFA Course

07.02.2017 - 10:00 to 16:00
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MFA 1st year
MFA 2nd year


Course leader: Michelle Teran

February 7th
Reconvene, EiT debrief
Introduction to 2017 Spring curriculum for MFA master course
Film screening:
Artur Żmijewski, Them (2007), 26 min
Harun Farocki, Die Schoöpfer der Einkaufswelten / The Creators of Shopping World (2001), 73 min

February 14th
Lecture and Discussion:
A history of alternative publishing, the evolution of print
Presentation PDF

Alessandro Ludovico, Post-digital Print: The Mutation of Publishing since 1894
Annette Gilbert, Publishing as Artistic Practice
Post-Digital Publishing Archive :
Memory of the World:

February 21st
Q & A and feedback session on present, and future MFA master course

February 23rd
Alexandra Pirici and Raluca Voinea
Manifesto for the Gynecene publication launch
6.30 pm at Kunsthall Trondheim

February 28th
Excursion to Dora archive

March 7th
No scheduled class
Michelle away to participate in Nothing to Hide Exhibition group exhibition and will be in New York and Hartford, Connecticut

March 14th
Excursion to Levart

March 15th
Deadline to reserve table for KiT book fair

March 21st
No scheduled class because of Art & Technology course

March 28th
MFA2 writing seminar
2nd draft revisions

March 30th-31st
Art Book Fair

April 4th
workshop with artist Aimée Zito Lema in preparation for her exhibition at Kunsthall Trondheim
10-12 am

Several Forms of Friendship is the continuation of a work series where casts are made of different joints on the human body. For Kunsthall Trondheim Several Forms of Friendship takes place as a series of workshops where the public is invited to cast parts of the body, in particular joints, that enable movement, while discussing questions of relationships as a societal structure. The casts will be shown in the exhibition as a continually growing documentation of the workshops.

NOTE: We will all meet at Kunsthall Trondheim.

April 10th
MFA2 writing seminar
3rd draft revision before submission

April 18th
Presentation on future collaborations between KiT and the Palestine Art Academy by Casey, Sebastian and Mujahed

Following a visit to the MuCEM Palestine exhibition in Marseille earlier this month, the basis for a long term collaboration between KiT and the art academy in Ramallah has been established, and this presentation aims to initiate a conversation among the MFA students about what this collaboration might look like. In order to give a background on the relevant topics and tensions in Palestinian contemporary art, and art education, several works presented at the MuCEM exhibition will be discussed. These will provide the basis for a conversation on possible sites of collaboration between our academies, to be expanded in detail throughout the remainder of the semester.

NOTE: We will meet at "The New House" Strandveien 37 a.

April 19th-21st
The Book as Printed Space: Workshop with Bernhard Cella

April 22nd
Opening of new exhibition "Hvis en reisende en Trondheimsnatt" at the Trondheim Kunstmuseum.

April 24th-28th
Artist Book course led by Jan Voss

May 2nd
Bodø train seminar

May 5th-6th
International seminar
Indigenous knowledge – the practice of sustainable existence
Kunsthall Trondheim
In connection with Marjetica Potrčs exhibition On Coexistence Kunsthall Trondheim gathers researches, artists and writers to discuss how to move towards a sustainable existence by learning from indigenous knowledge and how this knowledge can be used in scientific research on climate change.

Bobby C. Billie (leader of The Council of the Original Miccosukee Simanolee Nation Aboriginal People, will participate on video), Frank Ekeberg (music composer and researcher ), Douglas Nakashima (director for Small Islands and Indigenous Knowledge Section in UNESCO’s Natural Sciences Sector), Gene Ray (writer and researcher, professor of critical studies at HEAD-Genève), Marie Roué (director for Laboratory of Eco-anthropology and Ethnobiology National Museum of Natural History Paris), Judith D Schwartz (journalist), Douglas Sheil (professor in ecology in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Natural Resource Management (MINA) Oslo, Ànde Somby (professor at Faculty of Law at the University of Tromsø) and Marjetica Potrč (artist and architect).

May 5th-9th
Professional Practice for Artists. How to Survive!
A four-day course for graduating BFA and MFA students, aimed at highlighting aspects of professional practice for artists. The course is divided into three parts, two of these are one-day seminars and the final part is a two-day workshop.

May 16th
Summary and feedback session for this year. Introduction to upcoming programming for the Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

May 23rd
Annett Busch - Presentation of Electronic Textures research project

May 24th
Deadline for progress review texts NO EXCEPTIONS

The Progress Review texts mainly serve the purpose of contextualizing your work on display, along with providing an idea about the development of your artistic research over this semester, in order to equip us with the most relevant details, so we can better prepare for feedback. Try to keep it coherent and structured.

The format of the delivered document should be .pdf file, including image material. 6000-8000 characters approx. including empty spaces; (3 - 5 pages depending on if you are including images etc – approx. 1000 words). 11pt font.

Please follow a more structured text form, consisting of:
- Concept and visual representation of your project
- Development of experiments and methodologies applied in research
- Reflection on exhibition display
- References / List of all literature, films, texts, artworks relevant to your research

Send your PDFs named the following way: Lastname_ProgressReview_Spring2017.pdf
Send a copy to both Michelle Teran and David Rych.

May 29th-30th
progress review

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