La Luna Asoma

lørdag, January 18, 2020 to lørdag, February 8, 2020

An installation by Jeremy Welsh at Galleri Ventana, Bergen. The gallery is housed in a street-level window and specialises in showing small artworks and installations that are intended to be seen at night. La Luna Asoma is the title of a poem by Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The poem is included in the installation, as text projected onto the window. The other elements in the work are two video still lives. One of these is shown on a CRT tv in 4:3 format and the other on a digital photo frame in widescreen 16:9 format.

The Moon Rising

When the moon rises
bells fade
and impenetrable paths

When the moon rises,
the ocean covers the earth
and the heart feels
as an island within infinity.

No one eats oranges
under the full moon.
One must eat
green fruit and ice.

When the moon rises
with his hundred identical faces,
the silver coin
within his pocket weeps.

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