Key Concepts of Art Theory: Line, Linearity

14.09.2018 - 13:00
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MFA 1st year
MFA 2nd year

Teacher: Prof. Jacob Jessen, Annett Busch
Location: Kunstarken
Times: Fridays, 13:00-16:00

When the line is becoming thought we can be driven by the paradoxical assumption that following a line requires non linear forms of thinking. What do we actually do when we are drawing a line, following a line, or connecting geographical distant points over time? Starting and not knowing where to end? Lines are everywhere, but the line has to be seen, its direction and orientation has to be imagined, produced, negotiated, shifted. New lines can evolve from moments of crisis. How do we position ourselves towards the line — which one — aligned or not? What is it we want to connect, draw a line in between? How does it correspond with breaks and intervals, with colours and patterns? What time follows the timeline?

The course basically seeks to utilize the line as a tool, an object, for artistic reflection in different directions. We will span examinations on the line over disciplines and continents. We'll follow historical lines onwards, learn about artists who consider the line as a central element of their artistic conception, theory or practice. And while trying to understand such a basic component as the line, we will create new ones. After a period of theorising and exploring the potential and structure of the line we will conceptualize and realize an exhibition format to display the outcome of the research. For an unexpected shaping and therefor non-linear development of the course it is crucial that you’ll be open for new lines of thought and fully commit, challenging your own artistic practice.

This course is for students within the MFA programme. BFA students and students coming from other departments can also join the course, however only by approval of the course teacher and to those who are committed to following the entire course of the program.

- Learn how to conceptualise, question and shape your own artistic practice in relation to a theoretical concept.
- Become familiar with current and historical theories and artistic practices related to the concept of the line
- Learn how to read, summarize, analyze and discuss critical theoretical texts
- Learn how work collectively towards a final group project

- Lectures
- Group Reading, Screenings
- Exercises
- Group project / Exhibition

Attendance and participation are mandatory. Students will be assessed by their presence, contribution to the discussions and involvement in preparing and realizing a joint exhibition. Each student will be responsible for reading an assignment text and preparing talking points for a discussion in the course. Students who miss more than two sessions, do not participate in a group discussion or do not contribute to the final group project assignment will not pass the course.

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