Key concepts of art theory: Framed, unframed

04.09.2017 - 13:00 to 16:00
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MFA 1st year
MFA 2nd year

Prof. Florian Schneider and Annett Busch

In painting and photography, a frame marks the border of the canvas; in film and performance, frames are single images that separate and contain a movement. By managing what is visible and what is present, processes of framing and un-framing are constitutive for the understanding of visual art.

The image is seen, rather than understood, as a storage unit for framed portions of reality. It is stamped out from an open field while its borders become both increasingly dynamic and asymmetrical. Such a technical definition allows us, first of all, to distinguish the image from the model. But it also raises the question what could be the significance of being in or out of the frame, in a post digital age?

Interfering with what is given or predominant, processes of framing and un-framing suspend the conventions of traditionally accepted frameworks as well as their actual conditions, in the true sense of the term "virtual". Ultimately, this is what composition means.

Learning outcome

The main learning outcome is a conceptual understanding of the processes of framing and un-framing across the different disciplines: painting, printmaking, photography, film, sound and performance.


Each student who is participating is supposed to present one work in a group exhibition in Galleri KIT by the end of the term. The course includes the participation in a workshop “Framed, unframed” at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, November 10-11 in the context of the exhibtion “Tell it to the stones - The work of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub.”

Target group

The course aims at first and second year MFA students, but it is open to BFA students. It is also offered to design and architecture students.


Wednesdays, from 1300 - 1600
27.09. // 04.10. // 18.10. // 01.11. // 10. +11.11. (Berlin) // 15.11. // 06.12.

Photo: Florian Schneider

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