GAMES GAIA Geoingeneering

05.02.2019 - 13:00 to 16:00
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GAMES GAIA Geoingeneering
Art and Animism in the Age of the “Anthropocene”

Teachers: Susanne Winterling and guests
Location: library and time-based area
Course code: BK3187 Art, Technology, Culture 2
Tuesdays 05/02 13:00-16:00

The course takes the Gaia theory at its spinning center and looks into key concepts and key strings of cultural productions across disciplinaries.
Nature, now, offers its own narrative and frames the human species, placing it within the scale and register of earth system science. For the last three centuries new ideas of nature have been continually developed by theology, politics, economics, and science, especially the sciences of the material world.

The situation is even more unstable today, now that we have entered an ecological mutation of unprecedented scale. Some call it the Anthropocene*, but it is best described as a new climatic regime. We have passed a tipping point and geological events are game-changers. Indigenising methodologies and critical perspectives on life forms not identities will be focused.

Sessions are divided in the key terms and have a practical basis we look into methodologies, projects from "cooking session" to "forensic architecture" and New materialism. A practical output is aimed for. Working groups are establishing a net based platform w materials that meditate on material decisions, labratories and the playstation. A special workshop to introduce art and science is implemented as an appetiser.

We look at an intertwined ecology that pervades post-Anthropocene pop culture (ranging from the utopian dreams of James Cameron’s Avatar, to more recent sci-fi fantasies of collective consciousness: we play the game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Texts and lectures that frame the sessions will include: Jane Mc Gonigal “Reality is broken”, Lynn Margulis , B. Latour, Zoe Todd, E. Kirksey, Isabelle Stengers, D. Harraway, A. Tsing and E. Povinelli as well as others

Timetable distributed at the first session

Image credit: Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games

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