KIT/NTNU is part of CYANOTYPES, a pan-European project which addresses the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sector’s needs and skills gaps.

We are in charge of the task to map and develop responses to Urgent Skills Needs for the CCIs.

The COVID crisis hit the CCIs hard and reveals their fragmentation. It further enforces its impact on individual, business, and industry level and aggravates its detrimental effects. There is growing interest in involving arts, culture and creativity in the Green Transition, but very little practical support to prepare the stakeholders in the CCIs to adapt, respond and act.

We believe that applying the insights of circular economies to the role of productive imagination in the Digital Shift means to emphasize shared creativity and to advance a model of intelligence that, more than merely “artificial,” is above all collective.

Challenging existing frameworks, we ask what innovative, multidisciplinary structures, strategic interventions and concrete skills development solutions can be adopted across the European CCI ecosystem?

Join us as we gather stakeholders from all corners of the CCI sector and beyond. Together we identify as CYANOTYPES calling for radical change. A shift that recognises the sector’s potential for innovation, competitiveness and resilience, that reacts to and rebounds from current global challenges such as global pandemics, digital transition, conflict, and the climate crisis.

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