Art and Common Space: Dialogues of/in Public Space

17.09.2015 - 10:00 to 13:00
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Dr Simon Harvey, Associate Professor, KiT,NTNU
Maaretta Jaukkuri, Professor Emeritus, KiT,NTNU
plus invited guests

Art and Common Space’s project for the Autumn semester 2015 will be to experiment with new ways of articulating public space through dialogue. It will focus upon alternative means of communication, drawing upon non-verbal and asignifying artistic languages, as well as the kinds of structures – architectural and architectonic – that facilitate such dialogues. It will take as its starting point the principle that public space cannot be produced without dialogue.
In our era of extensive globalization, certain traditional vocabularies of, in, and across public space have become redundant. Dictators are no longer heard from their presidential balconies, statues are toppled, and instead, as we traverse public space, we are subjected to banal, albeit bright and flash, installations and architectures of advertising. There is an urgent need to re-examine the languages, both artistic and architectural, that we deploy in order to produce common space.

The course will begin with a critique of a consumerist, or as sociologist Guy Debord put it a `spectacular`, and alienating notion of society, focusing, in particular, on Walter Benjamin's Arcades Project.
Beside the course, on 7 September, there will be a symposium in Dokkhuset, The Near and the Elsewhere, organized by artists Edvine Larssen and Lisa Stålspets. It will examine how we locate ourselves in time-space. It will touch on, among other topics, rhythmanalysis, new cognitive mappings pioneered at the Kavli Institute at NTNU, the Japanese concept of `ma`(thought through as an architectonic and poetical language of presencing and inhabitation of space and place), queer architecture, a fiction project about a home for aged artists, and a holistic, schizoid film installation. Issues discussed in the symposium will be followed up in class over ensuing weeks.

Alternative `languages` that we will consider for their efficacy in the production of space will include:
Music and rhythm
The Japanese concept of `ma`
Quantum waves and connectedness
Projected light
Performative speech acts
Language of the Multitude
Sculpture writ large: Artscape Nordland
These will be examined for how they constitute dialogue and suggest new architectures of common space.

In addition, topics that might be considered to have their own special modalities of communication or idiom:
Mytho-poetics and storytelling
Theatricality in public space
Phototext/text art (overturning the rhetorics of advertizing)
The new technologies of sensors (making perceptible barely discernible frequencies across public space)
The `platform` as starting point for transmitting ideas

The course will aim at bringing into discussion new dialogues of public space. Students will encounter various theoretical postions regarding this, but also engage in practice-based learning and project work. As this is a collaboration between artists and architecture students, each group will benefit from working with the other, sharing methodologies and differing viewpoints.

Masters and Batchelor students in Fine Art, and Masters students in Architecture.
All lectures are open to the general public.

Where: Kunst Arken, KiT
When: Thursday lectures 1000-1300, Friday discussion/project work 1000-1300. Classes take place every week, throughout the semester.

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