BK1164 - Elektroniske medier

31.08.2021 - 18:45 to 31.12.2021 - 00:45
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BFA 2nd year
BFA 3rd year

This semester’s edition of the course Electronic Media is engineered as a bootcamp for this, and the next generation-media-artist, who’s equipped with both a critical conceptual mind, as well as a technical repository to not only ‘create’ digital work, but also ‘reveal’ the perplexities and complexities of our contemporary technological society.
When concluding the course, the student will be able to create an artistic digital pipeline, from sensor-based data extraction to a multi-media digital environment, in which potential forces for novel sensibilities can be cultivated.
This course will re-cast aesthetics, through the classical concepts of engagement and agency, and in terms of more recent concepts of intra-action, and feed-forward dynamics in an upgraded mold of (digital) sensory experience.
The students will endure the course in collaboration on a project of their own imagination related to the course’s content, and finalize the course with a presentation in one of the two final weeks.

31-08 , 07-09 , 14-09 , 21-09 , 28-09
02-11 , 09-11 , 16-11

Block 1
WK 35 - August 31
Reading Workshop on Aesthetic Complexity and In-Formation
WK 36 - September 7
3D Toolkit: Modelling, Texturing and Animating in Blender
WK 37 - September 14
Sensor - Intra-action - Actuator: Re-thinking what information means through some practical examples of sensor based technologies, and how to extract and process data from environments.
This day is accompanied with an introduction to a diversity of hardware (Sensors and single-board computers i.e. Raspberry Pi, Python Board, Jetson Nano, etc.)
WK 38 - September 21
Introduction to Algorithmic Composition and Generative Sound Scapes with Pure Data. Provided by Oystein Fjeldbo from the Department of Music Technology at NTNU.
WK 39 - September 28
Cross-Platform Digital Pipelines. We explore the possibilities of cross-platform communication, connecting sound with image.
Groups should be formed to collaborate on your project.

Block 2
WK 44 - November 2
Guest lecture (TBD) with group discussion.
WK 45 - November 9
Presentation of projects in group critique with external evaluator
WK 46 - November 16
Presentation of projects in group critique with external evaluator

A Computer is necessary for the course

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