Stranger Within (BASTARD) - workshop

14.09.2018 - 16:00
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Workshop: Mia Habib & Jassem Hindi: Stranger Within - Transition between research and production.
(10 students - sign up sheet on the noticeboard by the office on 6th floor)

"The transition is when things like boredom, randomness, intuition start to operate. It is when the uninvited guests come to filter and frustrate your intentions, deviate you from your ''path''. This moment is what we call the political subconscious of the work. Because it is when a collective of actors come and invade your work, and you have to learn and live with them. When the ghosts start to appear, and small cracks in the linearity of the project start to operate at their own will. Guiding your hand, realizing that art is a collective project." The best way for us to exchange and transform our project is to invite people to disturb it.

Thursday 6th September 16.00-19.00
In the workshop we will look for what are the specific ghosts of our project and how this will translate into a gallery setting.

We will build an ad hoc installation together - it could be a simple but robust dinner, and/or a recording of our talk - a listening session, a short practice.

Friday 14th September (to be announced)
Play a bit in our world, inside the exhibition.

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