Jasmine Christensson - Integrated Closeness

23.02.2018 - 19:00 to 04.03.2018 - 17:00
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Galleri KiT

Jasmine Christensson

Opening: Friday, February 23rd at 20.00
Artist talk and closing reception: Sunday, March 4th at 16.00

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 16.00-20.00
Saturday – Sunday 12.00-16.00

you hum the back of un-bloom
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fastening slow
push it blue in sweet Sharp row

In this exhibition Jasmine Christensson explores her interest in the history of a special car, a Citroën BX 16V. The exhibition revolves around explorations of the car as form, and as an extension and physical manifestation of social relations. It represents a kind of making of closeness, in relation to her father and brother. Integrated Closeness connects stories through the tension of juxtaposing deconstruction and interrelations in materials.

Jasmine Christensson (1993, Gothenburg, Sweden) is a third year Bachelor student at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. Her work revolves around the examination of human experience, behavior and memories – often in relation to body. The research into the concept determines the specific media and methods Jasmine uses in her practice. She is interested in building stories with materials in a poetic manner: to give form to something recognizable and yet hard to describe.

Postal address:
Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
N-7491 Trondheim

Visiting address:
Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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