Gazing With Electronic Eyes

24.09.2015 - 10:00 to 13:00
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Time-based art
MFA 1st year
MFA 2nd year

From the electronic image to algorithmic vision

Prof. David Rych / Alexander König (Post-Doctoral Researcher)


Electronically produced images have become a focal plane within society, defining many of the aesthetic and conceptual approaches to what we currently understand as common visual culture.
This course is laid out as a thinkshop to investigate and discuss theories, concepts and artwork examining the human/machine interface and the expanded notion of “vision”.
In particular, we will study how the themes of realism, virtuality, immersion, and connectivity are becoming central conceptual issues in the field of art.
We will look at discourses and practices of various forms of new media cultivation, through which we will confront visual culture in relation to technology and use it as a lens to analyze contemporary shifts in art, society, and politics and consider the role of artists as thinkers and makers;
touching upon such major topics areas as:
digital video art and documentary, new media installations, interactivity, immersive technologies, virtual worlds, user-generated content, games, , database aesthetics, posthumanism and AI, mysticism, digital natives and Post-Internet art, the New Aesthetic, Machinima, algorithmc vision, Infosphere, post-post/digi/pseudo/meta/trans-modernism

We will take into account the conceptualization and design of research and art projects and go into a closer reading and analysis of exemplary studies, through film, texts and excursions. Readings will address newer theories and will apply relevant older theories to contemporary practices in imaging and imagining, as well as reflexive and critical approaches to the relationship between science and art.
The course will continuously monitor and follow up on developments in the field of ubiquitous technologies and will try to find an angle on how all of this is likely to influence the future of art productions.


The course is targeting at MFA students (1st and 2nd year), but it is open to all students who are committed to join the entire course of the program.


The final requirement for this course is a single project, in which students will apply themes from this course to a medium of their choice.
In light of that choice students elaborate on an element such as an image, link, video, or other component, and develop an artistic and/or analytical response along with a short presentation of their concept.
There are not limitations to the format of the final project – it may be text, or a creative work such as video or photography, performance (live or documented), or developed in any other electronic medium.
If you choose to pursue the visual option, you will need to also produce a brief artist’s statement about the project, describing your concept in the context of the course.
Please submit your text as a PDF document.


In order to follow up on participation throughout the semester, you will be asked to sign up for the course.
This is a reading-intensive, discussion-based course. Regular attendance is expected and requires justified absence. Failure to attend will adversely impact the overall evaluation.
Students will be evaluated on the basis of their attendance, productive contribution to class discussions, and final output.

A syllabus for the course will be distributed during the first session on September 24./ 25. from 10:00 to 13:00.

Image Credit: A Google Deep Dream rendering of the September 11, 2001, attack on the Twin Towers. (Photo: Matěj Schneider/Twitter)

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