Thesis Writing Workshop for MFA Students

16.10.2018 - 10:00 to 18.10.2018 - 16:00
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MFA 2nd year

Teacher: Assoc. Prof. Simon Harvey
Location: MFA Hub

This workshop module is for second year MFA students in the early stages of writing their MFA thesis. Students within the MFA program are required to submit some form of written critical reflection. The written critical reflection aims to provide knowledge and insight into the artwork. The writing is a process of self-reflection and talks about the development of the work and reflection of the results. Each student should analyze their process and the relationship of their work to contemporary art and discourse, with references to contemporary styles and particular artists.

Within the workshop module, students will build simple and practical strategies for developing the written component of their MFA thesis. They will be introduced to techniques for building up a structure within their writing, and guidelines for how to read and give constructive feedback on writing by fellow students. The results will not be standardized; instead, each student will make substantial progress toward writing a thesis that is both personally satisfying and academically solid.

The Thesis Writing Workshop is mandatory for all MFA2 students enrolled in Advanced Artistic Work 3. All other first year MFA students can also attend this workshop.

Learning Outcomes

- Be introduced for techniques for building up a structure in their thesis writing.
- Learn how to read and give constructive feedback on texts.
- Develop an understanding of what is a written reflection and it relates to the practical thesis work.

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