Senses and Synaesthesia: Art, Architecture and Public Space

01.03.2018 - 10:00 to 13:00
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Senses and Synaesthesia
Art, Architecture and Public Space
Art and Common Space Spring 2018

We experience public space in a multi-sensory way. Accordingly, the theme in Art and Common Space this semester will be the senses, considering space and place through embodied, hyper-sensual experience, activated through movement. There will be particular focus on synesthesia and its broader modalities under the sub-heading `sensory blending`. We will consider its relevance for the selection of sites for public art projects, and the role of the senses in the improvisational phase of the making or performance of this work. The following topics will be addressed:

• Beyond sight: sound, smell, touch and taste
• Synesthesia, and sensory blending
• Public art and the senses
• Music in relation to visual art and architecture
• Gesamtkunstwerk – the so-called `total work of art`
• Theories of `affect` and phenomenal experience
• Movement/kinaesthesia and immersion, in art/architectural practices
• The role of the senses in biopolitical practices and experience
• Cognitive mapping and the senses

During the course of the semester we will look at a range of artistic tendencies that scramble the senses and/or enhance our sensory perception: from symbolist poetry to synaesthetic painting; Symbolism to Synthetism; and gestalt art practices to sense-orientated installation work in both art and architecture.

• In week 12 there will be a workshop in collaboration with students from music technology.
• There will be the opportunity to work with students from the course `Making is Thinking`, on a project in Nyhavna, culminating in an exhibition at the site.

Dr Simon Harvey
Professor Anne-Karin Furunes

Guest Teachers
Maaretta Jaukkuri

Student eligibility
MFA (maximum of 8 masters art students) and BFA students, plus students from other departments within NTNU.

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When and where:
Every other Thursday 1000-1300, some Fridays, in Kunstarken, KiT.
Introduction to the theme on Thursday 8th Feb, at 0900.

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