Seeking applicants for two (Associate) Professor positions

View of works by Øyvind Novak Jenssen and Anders S. Solberg, BFA graduation show 2017. Photo: Anders S. Solberg.
Due date: 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Two 100% fixed-term positions of 6 years
Associate Professor / Professor
with a focus on Painting or Photography — and beyond

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is seeking for applications from artists for two fixed-term positions that cover the fields of contemporary painting and photography. Both posts should aim to develop an expanded understanding of their respective field and beyond. Applicants will be expected to rethink and re-evaluate their discipline with a special focus on emerging, post-digital printmaking techniques and/or performative practices.

We are looking for applicants with the verve to explore new roles of art and the work of artists in today’s society

These positions will play a core role in the study programs at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. They will operate within an environment characterised by advanced facilities and a strong reputation in the fields of painting and photography. This environment has transcended the borders of traditional genres and enabled a wide range of artistic practices across disciplines.

The positions require a high level of commitment to explore the potential of an art academy that is embedded within a University for Science and Technology. Applicants are expected to show enthusiasm about the opportunity to relocate the centre of their professional activities to the premises of the art academy in Trondheim, and to share the outcome of their artistic research and production within the department as well as its local context and its broader international networks.

We are seeking applications from artists with an interest in developing innovative teaching methods

The (Associate) Professor will be responsible for individual tutoring and teaching collaborative courses in the Bachelor and the International Master program in Fine Art, as well as a PhD program in artistic research. The study programs are designed for artists with the aim of developing and enriching their individual studio practice with cross-disciplinary investigations open to a variety of forms and fields of knowledge.

The two positions involve specific responsibilities to further develop the study programs and the artistic research capacities within the department. They require an articulate, well-developed approach to education, focused on the development of young artists in all three cycles, from BFA and MFA to the PhD level, as well as a high level of competence in developing and carrying out advanced, large-scale, and collaborative artistic research projects.

In addition to a clear vision of the role of contemporary art in a rapidly changing society, successful applicants will be expected to outline a teaching philosophy that elaborates on the tradition of studio-based art education while expanding it towards future challenges by linking it to advanced artistic research practices, both in terms of methodologies and substance.


The future employee will be responsible for teaching, research, and artistic development within the field of painting or photography in contemporary art. Applicants are expected to have well-grounded, up-to-date competence, outstanding artistic practice, and distinct teaching experience in the fields of photography and/or painting while expanding it towards contemporary printmaking and/or performative practices.

Applicants must demonstrate and document the following qualifications:

- The capacity to initiate and strengthen cross-disciplinary projects, individual and institutional networks and large-scale artistic research projects
- The capacity to contribute to complex artistic research projects within the field of Fine Art, across creative disciplines, and/or in collaboration with scientific and technological academic environments
- An extensive track record of exhibition activities in contemporary art venues in internationally relevant arenas
- Relevant capacities for contributing to the strategic development of the art academy
- Practical skills, knowledge, and critical understanding of relevant technologies in the fields at stake
- Experience with innovative teaching methods
- Competence to supervise PhD students in artistic research
- Experience and advanced understanding of artistic research processes
- Critical thinking as well as the ability to contextualise artistic work within the realm of contemporary art theory
- Understanding of the contemporary art world, its current dynamics and future perspectives
- Excellent teamwork skills
- Good command of both written and spoken English


The evaluation will be based on documented material related to teaching, artistic practices, and artistic research. Quality and breadth will be evaluated by an independent, external expert committee. Short-listed candidates will be invited for a trial lecture and interviews in the course of spring 2018.

About the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is a Department within the newly established Faculty that covers Architecture, Art, and Design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It is organized as a flexible and experimental educational and research institution, and it is well known as the first art academy in the Nordic countries to offer an education in media art.

Today, the unique environment for art and technology in NTNU allows students at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels to expand the depth and complexity of their studio practice and to experiment with new approaches across different disciplines and technologies.

The Academy has an open structure in which students are free to choose the subject areas where they want to concentrate during their period of study. These areas include both old and new, analog and digital technologies in the fields of painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture, time-based arts, and the moving image.

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is currently developing an artistic research strategy that sets out to critically question and reinvent the relationships between art, science, and technology. The art academy operates within an emerging, dynamic local art context, and recently launched a series of long-term partnerships with powerful players in the international art world. Beginning with the pilot project “Art and Ocean,” carried out in close collaboration with TBA21-academy (the research unit of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary), this strategy is intended to link to NTNU’s four strategic research areas: Ocean, Health, Sustainability, and Energy.

The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art currently has a faculty of 19 staff members, supplemented by approximately 40 guest lecturers per year from Norway and all over the world. Current enrolment includes 75 students in Bachelor and Master programs. At the Faculty level, it will soon host a PhD program in artistic research.

Applications should consist of:

- A cover letter describing the candidate’s motivation, including ideas and plans for development in the field of the position on education, research, and artistic development.
- A brief description of the relevance of the candidate’s production and research
- Documentation presenting and describing the most important works relevant for the position (maximum 10 works)
- Information about educational experience, including teaching experience, development of study programs, and development of teaching methods and the learning environment
- Information about dissemination, outreach, and collaboration with external stakeholders and public institutions
- CV including information pertaining to the given qualifications and a full list of published and exhibited works with information on where they have been published. Joint works will also be considered. If it is difficult to identify the applicant's contribution to joint works, the applicant must include a brief description of his or her contribution
- Certified copies of testimonials and certificates

Terms of employment

The position as Associate Professor is registered as code 1011, or Professor, code 1013 and paid in accordance with the Norwegian state salary scale. There will be a 2% contribution to the Norwegian Pension Fund from the gross salary. As a member of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund you are offered:
• A good pension for life
• A favorable housing loan interest
• Good insurance schemes

It is a prerequisite that the person appointed resides in a location in or near Trondheim, enabling him or her to be present at and available to the institution as a full-time employee.

Academic staff who are employed without having a formal pedagogical qualification in university-level teaching and are unable to document equivalent qualifications, are required to successfully complete recognized course that gives a pedagogical qualification in university- level teaching within two years of taking the appointment. The University offers such courses. (”Documentation of an applicant’s pedagogical qualifications”) which can be obtained from the following address on internet:

It is a prerequisite that within three years of appointment, new employees who do not speak a Scandinavian language can demonstrate skills in Norwegian or another Scandinavian language equivalent to Level 3 in the course in Norwegian for speakers of other languages at the Department of Language and Communication Studies. The University offers such courses.

The appointment is subject to the conditions in effect at any time for employees in the public sector. The person appointed must accept any changes in the field of work, such as: changes due to developments in the subject area, the organizational changes that may result from decisions regarding the department’s and the university's activities and change due to the future development of the study programs.

The positions adhere to the Norwegian Government’s policy of balanced ethnicity, age, and gender. Women and persons with immigrant background are encouraged to apply.

Under the new Freedom of Information Act, information about the applicant may be made public even if the applicant has requested not to have his or her name entered on the list of applicants.

The application, with all attachments, must be submitted electronically through (en) (no)
and marked with reference number 18/1189

Applicants must apply within February 20, 2018


Florian Schneider, Head of Department

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