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19.02.2018 - 11:00 to 12:30
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NODES is a context specific, inter - disciplinary and socially oriented performance project, that examine various and possible connections between social, local and artistic conditions and practices. The ambition is to create alternative collective and individual projections, imaginations and perspectives on the future. The project's philosophy is inspired by concrete and conceptual approaches to art and society, amongst other, promoted by thinkers and artists such as Franco "Bifo" Berardi (poetry in the expanded sense as possible catalyst for change in the face of what "Bifo" imply as an impotent political system) and Joseph Beuys concept of social sculpture (sculpture refers here to human activity and the ability to structure and shape the community or the environment through language, thought, activities and objects).

The choreographic model of the project (read: choreography as a structure of different elements in time and space) draw inspiration from the block chain /bitcoin model: Starfish distributed network. A decentralized network made of nodes. In NODES the exchange of materials is not money pr. see, but materials in dialogue with each other. Example: people, dance, food, object, experiences, sculpture, satellites, etc. A distributed network of materials (nodes). The network serves as a frame for the artistic project NODES in which the dramaturgy navigate between the individual's and collective social and relational experiences and fantasies about: past, present, and possible future(s). The project operates on several platforms in society simultaneously, more or less visible.

NODES is under the the artistic direction of choreographer, performer (dancer) and visual artist Helle Siljeholm. In Trondheim the project will be developed in collaboration with Kai Johnsen (dramaturgh), Ask Brean (visual artist), Susanne Winterling (visual artist) Anna Daniell (visual artist), Guro Vrålstad (producer), Tobias Leira (light designer) and Tobias Liljedahl (visual artist and local coordinator of project in Trondheim) amongst other. Pernille Holden (dancer/choreographer) will join project in 2019.

The context of the project in Trondheim is Teaterhuset Avant Gardens actual move from Folkets Hus to Rosendal theater. (2018 /2019). This event will be used as an opportunity to create alternative expectations/opportunities of the future theatre and the future community/city in this particular context. The project bases itself on a structure that evolves over 1, 5 years, that include 2 artistic productions executed within one conceptual framework. The work is co- produced by Teaterhuset Avant Garden. Trondheim Academy of Fine art is a main partner of the project.

The project seeks collaborators that want to collaborate on the development of NODES in Trondheim. Initially 5- 8 individuals would be ideal. These collaborators will work
within the structure of the project and provide the project with material in different ways. The
collaborators will join the artistic team of NODES and work under guidance of the NODES team.

Helle Siljeholm (b.1981) is a choreographer, performer and visual artist, based in Oslo. She holds a BA (hons) from London Contemporary Dance School in 2003. In 2016 she graduated with an MA in Visual Arts from the Oslo Academy of Art (KHiO). Her artistic practice involves film, photo, installation, choreography and performance. She has been doing works, long - term collaborations, performances and exhibitions in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, USA and East Africa since 2003. She is a recipient of Ibsen Scholarship award (2011), 3 year artists grant (younger artists) Norwegian Arts Council and Hans Christian Osterø´s memory award (2015) amongst other. The memory award was received together with choreographer Sara Christophersen, focusing on a 3 year development project for dance in Palestine. Upcoming Solo- and group works in 2018 will be exhibited /performed in amongst other: Oslo Kunstforening (NO), Ystad Kunstmuseum (SV), National Gallery of Iceland (IS), Akershus Kunstsenter (NO), Athens Biennale (GR), Teaterhuset Avantgarden (NO). (NB! website not updated:)!

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