Mirror Party - STWST48

Saturday, September 5, 2015 - 17:00 to Sunday, September 6, 2015 - 17:00

_Mirror Party_ foregrounds the ephemeral conditions of a system and our embodied position within a network. In this eclectic convergence - not unlike the feminist movement in its various waves and standpoints – a code is handed on via an informal network of sources. Just as a Mexican wave unequivocally spreads as a ripple across layers of beings and has its variations depending on individual, or as a wave crashes for the next set of ebbs and flows. Interrogating the ways in which we understand or resist our foremothers, content is obfuscated and encrypted, twisted or simply replicated as a traditional _Mirror Party_ intends to serve as a foundation for mirroring projects. This work is an ode to the deep influence of the Genderchangers Academy, homebrewed since 2000 these events on flow effects can be traced through the continents.

_Who will execute the code that another sends in a multi-cast plaintext, free from the lion’s share of toxins?_

Running Artwork / More Info: http://www.miss-hack.org/?Mirror_Party/

_Mirror Party Sisters’ Play by sister0 with sisters'_ A project by Nancy Mauro-Flude featured at STWST48 - crashing the information in 48 hours [17:00, September 4 (Friday) - 17:00, September 6 (Sunday)] Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse 4, A-4040 Linz, Austria: http://www.aec.at/postcity/stwst48/

STWST48 - crashing the information in 48 hours at Stadtwerkstatt, the rebel-spirited art center located in between Ars electronica center and
futurelab. http://stwst48.stwst.at/

STWST48 - crashing the information in 48 hours brings together events/non-events, information/non-information, hack/fab labs, reality/dreams, unfiltered/raw/random/mined/cooked/processed infodata. The 48 hour programs are organized under the four headlines - infoLAB, infoDETOX, infoCRACH and Nightline's CRASH THE FUTURE.

A Stadtwerkstatt project http://stwst.at
Curation: Shu Lea Cheang and Franz Xaver

Convert yourself into E-waste, ferment yourself, chase honeybees for weather report, launch fungi to outerspace, send your mobile on a slow boat to
China, set your electric sheep free range, grow your android plants, tune in to ghostradio, stream in the orchestra, piss off to compute, eat your data raw, read your pulse loud, make your own bed, make love to your tattoo, hand over your hangover, take a dip in the Danube, check into the underwater eel hotel, admits yourself to a world without compromise, a world in which dream greet reality and technology is treated with great caution.

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