Longer Than Life

24.01.2022 - 15:00 to 31.01.2022 - 17:00
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What can be longer than life? Is it the memories that people have of us or maybe the objects that we leave behind?
In the search of our identity and history we find clues among artifacts used by our ancestors. Is it possible to understand human kind by these inherited objects? Or do we only identify ourselves within the time we exist in?
Going into Trøndelag’s Folk Museum and experiencing their exhibition ‘’Bevar meg Vel’’ we were overwhelmed by its huge collection of historical as well as everyday objects. This visit became the starting point for our exhibition.

Opening Monday 24th of January: 15.00 - 19.00

Tuesday 25th - Sunday 31th of January : 12.00 - 17.00

Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/1Wz1Y9YnA

The exhibiting BFA1 artists:
Asta Bøg Hoeck / Adelina Allberg / Amalie Skarpeid / Amalie Gammicchia / Anna-Sofie Leila Hoigaard Rasmussen / Carl Adam Christjansen / Catarina Gärtner / Elise Ain / Freja Sigsgaard-Hansen / Hauge Í Gongini Djernis/ Ida Mariboe Nielsen / Lou Lange / Maria Holm Thomsen / Magne André Sandstad / Mira Næss / Sofia Tien / Tuva Strand / Ulf Stubbe Teglbjær

Hope to see you there!

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