KAM+D: A new building for the arts at NTNU

Fantastic news for the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art: Iselin Nybø, the newly appointed Minister of Research and Higher Education, has announced at the annual gathering of the Rectors, Deans and Heads of all Departments of NTNU last Friday in Oppdal, that the government will support the plans for a new University campus in Trondheim.

This includes also a new building that brings together the departments of Art, Music, Architecture and Design. The new center, also known as KAM+D, has been given a high priority by NTNU.

“For NTNU’s art academy, this decision marks the beginning of a new era.”

According to Florian Schneider, Head of the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, “it is a breakthrough for our strategy of intense cross-disciplinary collaborations between art, science and technology.”

“It will offer a growing number of students a range of unprecedented possibilities and access to facilities. It allows for an even closer cooperation between the different fields of artistic research and production while opening up for new forms of working together across disciplines.”

The government has decided to grant NTNU the financial support for 92,000 square meters of new buildings as well as 45,000 square meters of space to be rebuilt and reconstructed. This gigantic building project is supposed to be carried out over the next 10 years.

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