Hacker-Image III - a film/video game event curated by Oscar Debs

06.06.2019 - 18:00 to 21:30
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Part III of Oscar Debs's Hacker-Image, a film/video game event curated by Oscar Debs
GHOST IN THE VEIL, a Philip K. Dick reading of Oshii’s Ghost in The Shell.

“We humans, the warm-faced and tender, with thoughtful eyes - we are perhaps the true machines. And those objective constructs, the natural objects around us, and especially the electronic hardware we build, […] may be cloaks for authentic living reality inasmuch as they may participate more fully and in an obscured way to us in the ultimate Mind.”
The trope of cyborg-enhanced humans and androids gaining enlightening sentience through self-hacking will be observed in this session via the film Ghost in The Shell (1995) and Philip K. Dick’s short story The Electric Ant (1969). Then a reading and discussion of Dick’s Man, Android, and Machine (1976) will follow. PDF copies of the texts are attached below:

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