GAME TEST @ WORK WORK, Munkegata 58

23.01.2020 - 16:30 to 18:30
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Welcome to an afternoon of time twister game play: games that come to you from the future (2070) playing with the history we are making in the North of Norway.

2 of the groups in the NTNU Experts in Teamwork intensive village “North by Northeast: A free passage from Norway to China” at Kunstakadmiet I Trondheim are making board games and testing them at Work Work on Jan 23rd at 16.30 and you are all invited!

Kongekrabbe Mahjong
Game designers: Ingvild Stensby Bakken, Yiu Him Cheung, Ole Kristoffer Lie Kvien, Sondre Albertsen Vasseng, Tonje Ryeng Rushfeldt

Our design is based on the traditional Chinese game, Mahjong, modified into 4 main groups: culture, nature, infrastructure and geopolitics, plus a function group that will trigger events (e.g. extinction, earthquake, financial crisis, etc) to change the Mahjong game and the parameters on the world map. Players will receive a hidden mission at the start of each round and a group common mission for each round. To win the game, all parameters of the world have to reach a certain level and it's the players choice how they want to shape the world.

The Northeast Passage
Game designers: Jonas Madslien Bakken, John Andreas Kjekstad, Jorge Boco Tusoy, Anita Othilie Fjeld, Kevin Kristiansen

The game takes place in the past, in 2020, at the time when the first ships started to sail their way through the northeast passage. This was a serious challenge back then, and through the stories of an old Chinese man you hear how things have changed over the years. He challenges you to go back to 2020 to experience the northeast passage by yourselves. Can you make it all the way to Kirkenes?

Experts in Teamwork is an NTNU-wide mandatory course for Masters students from all disciplines. The course creates learning environments to help students engage in interdisicplinary teamwork and reflect on how to work in teams. Different departments across the university host projects called "villages" that provide the content and context for the interdisciplinary teams to work within.

Polar ice caps are melting, and China is coming closer than ever. In a few decades from now, ordinary merchant ships are supposed to be able to take a shortcut from China to Europe. A major ice-free shipping lane will open up above Russia. Sooner or later, this might allow regular trade between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans all year round.
Climate change is causing tremendous consequences which will fundamentally reshape our understanding of the North. How will this affect Norway? Is Tromsø becoming the new Singapore? Will Kirkenes turn into Chinatown?
The EiT village “North by North-East” was developed and realized in collaboration with the international art festival “Barents Spektakel” which took place in Kirkenes from February 13-17, 2019. The title of the festival was “The World’s Northernmost Chinatown”.
It will be a collaborative platform to investigate, discuss, perform, simulate and enact possible futures of the relations between Norway and China, or: what will soon be formerly known as the Far East. It is an adventurous travel in time to explore different versions of a future of the North and its new encounter with the East: politically, economically, culturally, aesthetically, on collective and individual level.
The journey through time will be made by extrapolating scientific knowledge, simulating possible scenarios and imagining new forms of creating value. It is a practical exercise in radically questioning common assumptions while climate change renders certainties impossible and challenges the borders of conventional forms of knowledge production.
By developing manifold relations towards what is yet unknowable and yet imperceptible, the village sets out to investigate and speculate about new opportunities for change. Interventions will be carried out in new coalitions of agencies and stakeholders on both local and global level — such as artists, activists, entrepreneurs, indigenous communities, networks of municipalities, research collaborations, not to mention tourists, explorers, adventurers and their guides.

NORTH BY NORTH-EAST: A FREE PASSAGE FROM NORWAY TO CHINA, Experts in Teamwork is generously supported by NTNU Engage.

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