fragments of text // huseby

documentation from the project at huseby school this autumn. large mural in a staircase from first to third floor.

extracts from the texts translated from norwegian to english:

tror du det så tror du feil
"but if you think so, you think wrong"

det er viktig å oppleve og å bli opplevd
"it is important to experience and to be experienced"

vil det komme til å gjære i meg eller ikke
"will it ferment in me or not"

gjennomsiktig i de ytterste lagene
"transparent in the outer layers"

ikke noe grums i kantene eller tåke midt i
"no grums in the edges or for in the middle"

gjennom alle papirene skriver jeg øynene dine over øynene dine
"through all the papers i wright your eyes over your eyes"

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