Art & The City - Sans Facon and Katja Aßmann

24.04.2019 - 10:00
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Art & the City
Sans Facon and Katja Aßmann

What is the role of Art in Urban Development and Public Space?

As the new City area of Nyhavna is developing rapidly, Trondheim is developing a strategy for the role of Art in relation to the urban development. Sans Facon and Katja Aßmann are involved in the early stages in the development of an Art Plan for Nyhavna.

Sans Facon, artist duo founded in 2001 in Glasgow, Scotland, the practice moved to Calgary, Canada in 2011 |
The artist Tristan Surtees and the architect Charles Blanc form the artist duo Sans Facon. Their artistic works, which they realise around the world, are site-specific and oriented towards involving the local population. The works, including performances and installations, are intended to sensitise visitors to particular locations through interacting with them. They were the lead artists of “Watershed+” a long term study, experimental art plan and a publication about a water system, a cityscape and the emotional connection between citizens and their place in the environment.

Katja Aßmann, who studied architecture and art history in Bochum, was appointed as the artistic director of Urbane Künste Ruhr in early 2012.
Within the remit of securing the effects of Ruhr.2010, she has designed and developed the project’s new artistic direction and organisation, curating her own and co-productions with regional and international artists and collectives. In 2016, among other projects, Katja Aßmann curated together with Florian Matzner the Emscherkunst 2016 exhibition. She is one of a trio of artistic directors, including Angelika Fitz and Martin Fritz, responsible for the international network project Actopolis – The Art of Action. In addition, for the Ruhrtriennale, she is curating the art intervention well,come with the osa_office for subversive architecture. Katja Aßmann’s curatorial work is focused on art productions that develop their relevance for everyday urban life by transcending accepted thematic and institutional borders.

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