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Art, Knowledge and Production

What do we recognise and how, when we see or make art? Is a work of art a form of knowledge? And if so, how is it possible to separate art from philosophy, logic, and the natural sciences as a non-conceptual sphere of "cognition"?

Art, Knowledge and Production
Introduction to a new project
Wednesday, September 5th
2 PM

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Theses on the Concept of the Digital Simulacrum

Here are my notes for the presentation at SALE in Venice, in the context of the catalunyan pavilion.


The deceptive nature of the digital image is not evoked by a certain resemblance of original and copy, or reality and its simulation. No matter whether faithful or unfaithful, the similitude of the simulacrum seems no longer a question of likeness or unlikeness. Instead, similarity has turned into simultaneity; it has become a question entirely occupied by time: synchronized time and temporal command.

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