Bachelors Program Fine Art

About the study program
At the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT), students are provided with the framework to develop a strong contemporary artistic practice. Being part of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), The Academy of Fine Art offers a broad range of knowledge with the possibility of cross-disciplinary connections between art, technology and society.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program aims to find the best possible way to facilitate the individual artistic development of each student. The learning environment attracts students and academic staff from all over the world. This international perspective is reflected within the academy’s educational curriculum, studio-based tutoring and research practices.

Within a studio-based work environment, students are supported to work both individually and collaboratively on artistic projects. Artistic projects are supported by courses in technical knowledge and artistic skills training with an emphasis on the development of artistic reflection. Artistic reflections are encouraged as students participate in KiT’s workshop-based learning structure. Students are encouraged to work freely within a certain media and explore cross-disciplinary possibilities between the different mediums. Each student is provided with large studio spaces with access to specialized workshops in the areas of photography, graphics and printmaking, wood-work, metal, cast and clay, video and sound.

At KiT, exhibiting plays a central role in the artistic education. By exhibiting work the artistic potential comes forth and creates creative confidence in the student. Therefore, the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art highlights the exhibition practice in its study plan. The students exhibit on a yearly basis and are supported by workshops, tutoring and critiques relating to their exhibition practice.

It is demanded of a student of fine art to show a high level of engagement and ability for independent work. In return, the student is ensured to receive high-quality artistic education, where the student's personal artistic development is the main focus.

Study structure
The Bachelor program is a three-year study program of 180 study points. The Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is part of the Institute of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and operates both independently and within the University fields of studies. The student is evaluated on internally based student-led presentations of their work. The evaluation takes place throughout the semester in addition to participation in elective courses and a written report. The evaluation core structure, in addition to the student, involves both the presence of the student’s main supervisor and an appointed internal secondary sensor. Final evaluation in the third and final year of study is based on those artistic works carried out during the three years, a final artistic work to be exhibited at the bachelor graduation exhibition and the submission of a written thesis.

It is obligatory to participate in group critiques and individual studio tutorials throughout the entire study program, in addition to two elective courses and ex.phil. All students shall take part in the yearly exhibitions in the spring semester and the Open Academy exhibition at the end of each fall.

Taking part in the bachelor program is a full-time study. It is divided between collaborative and individual studio work, inclusive tutorials, critique classes, and course structured education in both theory and practice. The semesters are structured in course periods stretching between 3 to 6 weeks at a time. Overall giving the student a semester based on 40% course determined tutoring and 60% individual studio work.

Course information:

Common courses
Examen philosophicum (ex.phil)
Innovation in Practice-Aesthetical subjects

Academic staff
Professor Anne-Karin Furunes
Professor Leslie Johnson
Professor Felix Gmelin
Assistant Professor Gard Frigstad
Professor Nabil Ahmed
Professor Alex Murray-Leslie
Head of Department, Professor Jacob Jessen

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Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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