Exhibiting and Curatorial Strategies - Module

22.10.2019 - 10:00 to 25.10.2019 - 15:00
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MFA 2nd year

Teacher: Prof. David Rych
Guest lecturers: Louise Witthöft and Rodney LaTourelle

Exhibiting is an intrinsic part of artistic practice, as the tradition of viewing art is that of the exhibition. This seminar module sets out to explore the format of the exhibition and the practice of exhibiting and present it through concrete projects and theories.

Since the beginning of the 20th-century major avant-garde exhibitions and projects have been conceived by artists and artist groups by themselves. It was precisely these exhibitions which changed radically the notion of an understanding of what art is. This happened as a break-away from an existing consensus of presentation with which these artists introduced their artistic productions. The consequence was a significant change in art and the way it was exhibited and received by an audience.

Nowadays, curators and artists have taken exhibition-making on to an art form in itself, which again redefines discourses in and around contemporary art. The choice of site and display, as much as architectural intervention took on increasing significance in support of a curatorial position. At the same time, we find the exhibition venue often becoming a site of artistic production, reference, and reciprocity - while its connotation continually changes in correspondence with the broader field of cultural activity. We will discuss how publicly exhibiting or displaying work always implies a kind of strategic relationship.

The seminar Exhibition and Curatorial Strategies is mandatory for all MFA2 students enrolled in Advanced Artistic Work 3. Though not mandatory, MFA1 students are encouraged to attend the presentation and workshop days.

Dates, times and locations:

Tuesday, October 22nd
10.00 in Kunstarken
Presentation by Louise Witthöft and Rodney LaTourelle: "A Somatic Approach to Exhibition Design"
The lecture is open to all students.
14.00 in Kunstarken
Extended session with Witthöft & LaTourelle

Wednesday, October 23rd
14.00 in the MFA Hub
Artist presentation by Christoph Draeger: Utopia vs. Dystopia
The lecture is open to all students.

Thursday, October 24th
10.00 at TKM Gråmølna
A visit to the venue of the graduation show with Witthöft & LaTourelle

Friday, October 25th
10.00 at the MFA hub - for MFA2 students only


Witthöft & LaTourelle is a project-based collaboration between Danish designer Louise Witthöft and Canadian artist Rodney LaTourelle. Working in Berlin since 2007, they have completed a wide range of projects including exhibition design for galleries and museums, art installations and public art commissions, as well as architectural light and colour concepts. Their interdisciplinary approach activates relationships between colour, pattern, space and user experience. The use of colour is central to their practice, which is characterized by chromatic immersion, interaction and sensuality. By employing colour and pattern to re-structure spatial systems they expand typically disembodied aesthetics into direct experience.

Christoph Draeger is a conceptual artist who is researching themes of utopia/dystopia, disaster, destruction and their representation in the media. His projects take form in installation, video, sculptures and photo-based media. Draeger is particularly interested in collaborative research-based practice. He studied at the School of Art and Design in Lucerne in Switzerland 1986-90 (MFA), and La Cambre in Brussels (1990-91). He is also the cofounder of the artist-run space Etablissement d’en face in Brussels. Since 2015, Christoph Draeger serves as a full time professor at Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå, and since 2017, he is head of the Master's programme. Previously, he has been teaching workshops at the International Summer Academy in Salzburg; at HEAD, Geneva; ZHDK, Zurich; UEM Madrid, among others.

(Image credit: © Witthöft & Latourelle)

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