MFA Application Procedures

Agnieska Foltyn, Of Nowhere and Everywhere (2017)
photo credit: Gard Aukrust

This document covers the steps for applying to the International Masters program at the Academy of Fine Arts at NTNU Trondheim.

2. Application Deadline

There are two required steps that must be accomplished in order to successfully complete an application for admission, with the following deadlines:

1) The Applicant's registration at NTNU

Non-EU/non-EEA applicants: 1. December 2017
EU / EEA / Norwegian applicants: 1. February 2018

2) The Applicant's registration and submission of supporting material at KiT
All applicants: 1. February 2018

Application materials MUST BE received in the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts by midnight February 1 (this is not a postmark date).

Applications can be submitted either in digital or printed form. In order to be able to upload your full application, you first have to fill the online registration form. If you select the option "Submit my additional materials over the internet" you will receive an invitation to create an applicants account at the KIT web server. If you prefer to send your application files via regular mail, you just need to indicate this in the registration form.

Interviews with selected applicants are scheduled between February and March. There is a possibility to conduct this interview via video conference. Applicants will receive a decision by mid March. Those accepted to the program must notify the Art Academy in writing by April 1st of their intention to attend the program.

3. Applicant Qualifications

Applicants must have a BFA degree or equivalent qualification with a documented artistic practice.

4. Application Requirements

Applications to the MFA program should include the following materials:

- Register your application: Please fill the form online at

- Curriculum vitae or artist’s résumé: An overview of education, previous employment, commissions, exhibitions, publications, grants, awards, etc.

- Proposal for a research project: a description of an artistic, research project and the different stages of its realisation over two years (up to 2 pages)

- Personal statement or letter of motivation: reasons for pursuing an MFA including a description of the specific needs and expectations in relation to the Art Academy and the NTNU (about one page)

- Digital Portfolio: formats such as PDF are preferred (a link to a website is not sufficient) or a digital upload of images in either .PDF. or .JPEG, .PNG format (maximum file size for each image: 5 MB; files should be named with the applicants last name)

- Optional: Online link for interactive work / videos

Optional submission via post:
- Printed portfolio / images
- DVD or Memory Stick (in addition to the digital portfolio) documenting time-based work in video. Files must be submitted on a computer readable standard-size DVD with “KIT MFA Application”, "applicant name", "year" written directly on the disc.

Applicants should also provide the following documents:

- Documentation of English skills.

- A copy of your academic transcript or academic records and the grades received.

- A copy of your passport.

5. Guidelines for submission

Once you have registered at the KIT website you will receive further information and you will receive help in order to be guided through this process.

- If you are planning to upload your full application via Internet, please check your email for an invitation to register at the KIT website as an "applicant". This email should arrive within a few hours. If you do not receive such an invitation, please also check your spam or junk folder to make sure that our message has not been filtered out. Please contact us if you are concerned you have not received the invitation.

Please consider carefully the appropriate way of transmission (KiT website upload, Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP, etc) according to the total file size of your application (in a compression or archive format like tar, gz or zip).

We are currently offering you different options for online submission:

1. Upload your application as separate files (only PDF or TXT allowed) or in a common archive format like .zip, .tar or .taz. The file size for each single file is limited to 20MB. The maximum number of files is 10. Please note, that you can access and edit your application until February 1, 2018, at midnight

2. If you prefer to transfer your files via a file hosting service, you can submit a link to a file hoster or to your own web server. Please keep in mind that you need to make sure that KIT can receive your file without any prior registration.

3. If you are familiar with using an FTP/SFTP client, please get in touch with us and we will provide you access to a FTP server. FTP upload is appropriate, as soon as the total size of your archived application file exceeds 30MB or the HTTP upload fails due to bandwidth limitations.

- If you prefer to send your application files via regular mail, you just need to indicate this in the online registration form and make sure the package arrives before February 1, 2018 at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts (KIT).

We recommend you to test your DVDs and Memory Sticks on different computers before submitting. Files that cannot be opened will be ignored.

Please note, the submitted materials will not be returned unless by special request.

6. Contact Address

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

-7491 Trondheim

Phone +47 73 59 79 00

Fax +47 73 59 79 20

Visiting Address:
Innherredsveien 7 A (Industribygget)

E-mail: mfa2015 [at]

Postal address:
Kunstakademiet i Trondheim
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
N-7491 Trondheim

Visiting address:
Innherredsveien 7 (Industribygget)

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adm [at]
Tel. +47 73 59 79 00
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