About the MFA program

The International Master of Fine Arts at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) is a two-year study program with a focus on studio work and corresponding theoretical practices. It emphasizes experimentation and multi-disciplinary approaches in the development of artistic projects. The MFA program is taught at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT), an Institute of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Students are offered the possibility to work within a wide range of media and theoretical fields. There is a particular focus on research-based artistic practice and the understanding of art as laboratory. The MFA program prepares the student to develop a professional artistic profile, and to contextualize their work in relation to contemporary theory and historical informed positions.

The MFA program encourages graduate students to explore critical and innovative practices in both individual artistic work and group projects. It allows students to choose from a rich array of educational modules including studio visits, tutorials, workshops, collaborative courses, lecture series, field trips, artistic research projects and a corresponding theory program.

The International MFA program allows artists to spend two years of intense investigation developing a project and an artistic portfolio in a pre-professional environment. Projects evolve through stages of conceptual and material development towards formal and informal presentation and critical constructive debate.

"Advanced Artistic Work" is a course for all MFA students. It prepares the students for the presentation of their work in a progress review at the end of each semester.

For all Masters students at NTNU it is also mandatory to participate in the inter-disciplinary course Experts in Team/(EiT) - a collaboration with other fields of study at NTNU. Students are advised to take this course in the 1st year of MFA studies.

At the end of the 2nd year of MFA studies, the students are asked to deliver a thesis paper about their Master project and a portfolio of their works. Students present their Master project in a graduation show, carried out in close collaboration with local art institutions, and host a seminar or conference.

For the final exam invited external reviewers ask the students to present and defend their thesis and Master project in the graduation show

KiT offers each MFA student an individual studio. There is no tuition fee.

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) is an Institute of the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and operates both independently and within the University fields of studies. This unique environment encourages the MFA students to explore the potential for new practices across different disciplines and technologies.

The Academy of Fine Art is situated outside of the NTNU campus in a former factory building. It is well connected to a small but vibrant local art scene with artist-run galleries, exhibition halls and museums.

The international MFA program is developed and carried out in an expanding network of partner institutions across Europe and beyond – with the goal of exploring a multiplicity of notions of contemporary art and in particular: how art inhabits concepts of the contemporary that operate in a “globalized” world.

The academic staff at KIT and the visiting artists come from diverse backgrounds. By bringing together different expertise resulting from practical experiences and distinguished artistic careers, the educational setting is designed to prompt students to challenge themselves and to push the boundaries of their artistic work and research.

If you are an international student looking for housing in Trondheim, the NTNU can help. Please see the NTNUs website Living in Trondheim for information about housing, cost of living, student organizations etc.

At the moment the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art is not offering grants or stipends for international students.

There is a list of the main funding alternatives available to international students here:

International students who are not eligible for a fellowship or scholarship program are welcome at NTNU, but they need to prove that they are able to pay their living expenses for each year of study.

There are no precise professional analogies inherent in the course of studies, since a career as an independent artist is inherently unconventional. Nevertheless the MFA degree opens a wide range of higher-level positions within institutions of the art world. It is essential for pursuing a career in academia or teaching at university level.

A MFA degree makes its recipient eligible for post-graduate or PHD programs; and it is certainly helpful when applying to residency programs for artists or for internships at art institutions.

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