Trial Lecture - Michael Baers

04.06.2018 - 13:00 to 15:00
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The Parasite and the Digital Camera

Michael Baers is an American artist, writer, and researcher based in Berlin since 2005. In 2014 he received his PhD from the praxis-based doctoral program of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. His work has appeared in exhibitions and bi-annual events throughout Europe, including Momentum 06, Manifesta 8, Steirischer Herbst, and the Berlin Documentary Forum. He has also contributed comics and essays to many journals—including A Prior, the e-flux journal, and Modern Painters—as well as to print initiatives such as Art Workers: Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice and Reform. In 2012 Haus der Kulturen der Welt commissioned him to make a graphic novel based on his research on the Picasso in Palestine project from 2011. The resulting work, An Oral History of Picasso in Palestine, is the most comprehensive account of the Picasso in Palestine project to date. Since 2013 he has researched the relationship between photographic representations and intractable conflict through a long-term study on Necessità dei Volti (the Necessity of Faces), a unique photographic project concerning the unresolved conflict between indigenous Western Saharans and Morocco produced by an anonymous “informal collective” whose work on the conflict operates in the gap between advocacy and philosophy. An essay on this topic will appear in the forthcoming issue of the Memory Studies journal

Foto: Michael Baers, An Oral History of Picasso in Palestine, as installed at Frankfurt Museum Angewandte Kunst, 2016.

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