RESIST AS FOREST by Pablo de Soto and KIT students

27.09.2019 - 18:00 to 20:00
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Resist as Forest is a site-specific art intervention designed for Adressaparken, a cyberpark in Trondheim. It is also an invitation for a local and international community to think about ways to resist deforestation.

For Brazilian journalist Eliane Brum, to “resist as forest” means first shifting a few tectonic plates in our thinking. It means that we have to decolonize ourselves and put the Amazon at the center of our world. The Amazon is not anymore a distant or peripheral problem or place. Maintaining this forest and this world alive means switching from social extractivist processes to a mode of care and protection.

The project created by Pablo DeSoto, a Brazil-based scholar, cartographer and the NTNU ARTEC Artist in Residence, together with local stakeholders, borrows Eliane Brum’s concept and brings the Amazon forest into the cyberpark at the center of Trondheim. Resist as Forest uses the Trondheim cyberpark, Adressaparken, a technological public space site equipped with environmental sensors to respond to the Amazon crisis in real time. The goal of the intervention is to turn Adressaparken into a temporary planetary public space for citizen engagement, political discussions, and a grassroots action devoted to the current crisis in the Amazon rainforest and to environmental action beyond the current emergency. Together with scholars, journalists, students, politicians, and activists, we hope to collectively reflect about what “resist as forest” could mean.

Resist as Forest Adressaparken intervention will take the form of a sound installation, a video projection, and a public assembly. The material for the installation has been developed in a series of workshops and lectures in Brazil and Norway, in collaboration with students, artists, and environmental activists. The sound installation at Adressaparken presents a composition mixing public domain Amazon wildlife sounds together with multilingual statements from forest protectors, local and transnational actors, and artists.

The event will take place on Friday 27, 18h to 20:15h.


18:00 Becoming Trees: A warmup with sound art work from KIT students
Sig rid Voll Bøyum, Woon Ting Chan, Hilde Edvardsen, Bjørg Madelén Gamborg-Nielsen,
Mahsa Hamed Mousaviyan, Laura Henrike Hurenkamp, Berke lnce, Karolina Jawad, Erina Kawachi,
Samrridhi Kukreja, Pål Lersveen, Trond Nesheim, Lisa Størseth Pettersen, Jennifer Petzold,
Srinavin Kumar Raja, Shiva Sherveh, Zaneta, Lili, Jianing Zuo & Ada Hoel. Thank you to assistant teachers Ada Hoel and
Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir.

18:10 Welcome to the cyberpark
18:25 Guided Listening to “Resist as Forest” Soundscape
18:45 Trondheim Environmental
18:55 Environmental Storytelling + open mike led by Trondheim Poesikveld
19:40 Foresting with Gibberish Improv
20:00 Outro: XR Becoming Trees Performance Action

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