RESCHEDULED Bioplastics co-making workshop

24.08.2020 - 10:00
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Bioplastics co-making workshop
Teachers: Alex Murray-Leslie & Nina Haarsacker
Location: FORMLAB, 2nd floor, Central Building, Architecture Dept, Gloshaugen.

This ongoing workshops offer a limited number of KIT students
the possibility to experiment with bioplastic recipes that include kelp, spirulena and naturally occurring pigments.
Bioplastics are bio based polymers and in this workshop
we’ll be creating Bioplastics that are fully biodegradable and derived from a biomass,
promoting a circular economy. Some of the possible outcomes include
using bioplastic sheets as Architectural building materials (in relation to
smart cities research) in tandem with computer aided design and manufacturing techniques.

Currently accepting expressions of Interest for workshops in Autum, please email Alex.

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