Discrimination, Why? - ISFiT 2017

09.02.2017 - 18:00 to 18.02.2017 - 17:00
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Discrimination, Why? - ISFiT 2017
February 9-18. Opening on February 9th at 18.00
Presented by ISFiT´s cultural program; MINA/MEG, Maze of Senses and Sami Art. The exhibitions opens in relation with ISFiT´s kick-off 9th of February and will be open during the festival at Gallery KiT.

As a part of the opening, participating artist Ahmad Umar and Vibeke Hermanrud from Kunstplass 10 will guide us through the exhibition, at 18.00. Music contribution by Jeremy Dutcher, an Toronto-based composer and vocal artist, at 18.30.

Maze of Senses;
Interactive installation by Bella da Silva Buxbom and Øystein Kjørstad Fjeldbo. In itself a lifeless body, built up of layers of elastic skin, Maze of Senses invites the visitor to bring life in to it - to personally create the experience. The augmented soundscape renders the visitors incapable of sonic communication, and thus creates a social distance. The physical limitations of the space itself, on the other hand, bring them closer together. Placing the visitors in dark, tight spots, the maze invites them to explore her world through the sense of touch.

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