Bachelor Graduation Show

28.04.2017 - 19:00 to 07.05.2017 - 17:00
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Galleri KiT
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OPENING AT 19 // 28.04.17
Galleri KiT // Innherredsveien 7 (industribygget)


Curated by
Jacob Jessen
Professor of Material and Spatial Practices at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art


"Old materials for a new generation: Knock Knock Smog Wand

We here witness a generation of artists who has grown up with digitalised daily life based on electronic communication, social media and big data. It is a generation that exercise a frictionless and functional relation to their digital life, and who maybe therefore have the capacity to see through the shining surface of the touch screen and reach for the resistance of the physical and analogue medias. Rather than to base their artistic practice on digital medias, these artists reflect digital life in the concrete and sensible approach to practice. Paradoxically, because of the presence of the digital virtual, they have developed a relation to physical, analogue and sometimes outdated media and formats. Digital virtuality is thus producing a new and different idea of the artistic material, and working with concrete, physical materials these artists are materializing digitalized daily life. In the proces they have become 'post-digital'."

Extract from Jacob Jessens' catalogue text

All students in 3BFA

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